jeudi 5 novembre 2009

The Norvins "Time Machine" by Fuzz Overdose

"France seems to be a hotbed for Garage Beat Punk action these days, and The Norvins from Paris are a recent addition to the roster, with their debut LP on Soundflat. The Soundflat Records stamp is a sort of guarantee, and the Norvins don't fail to deliver the goods. Being French, they know the recipe well, mixing a dose of fuzz guitar, some weezing organ, a solid backbeat, quirky vocals and a dash of wailing harp, to come up with a classic 60s US Punk sound. Being avid collectors of vintage instruments, they employ their Mosrite guitar, Vox bass and Farfisa organ to rip through twelve of their own compositions, plus two classic covers by the Ugly Ducklings and the Paragons. When it comes to this kind of Garage Punk, there's not much to talk about, you either love it or hate it, so all you huns into the Crimson Shadows, the Cynics, the Stomachmouths or the Dee Rangers, buy, borrow or steal this platter! Gentle hippies or boogaloo mods need not apply!" by Fuzz Overdose

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